Join us on a short journey back in our Schwarzmann company history as we tell you a little bit about what makes us who we are today.
At Schwarzmann, exceptional European craftsmanship has been handed down over generations, from one family member to the next, because making things by hand is something we are very passionate about.

Fast forward to 2010 for some of Schwarzmann’s recent highlights:

  • 2010 - first appearance as a design concept

    A co-project with Johannes Schmucker and Schwarzmann’s first appearance as a design concept in Munich, Germany made this year a banner year. The innovative design is patented in Germany and assists physically disabled people in achieving increased independence in the home.

  • 2012 - Schwarzmann was formed in Germany

    With a strong international client base, Schwarzmann was formed in Germany and was founded as a Kitchen Design Consulting firm with a strong interest in developing innovative furniture products for the home.

  • 2013 - Schwarzmann expanded to North America

    Schwarzmann expands in America and Germany and gains an addition to the team! As we built more kitchens, our following grew and we took it internationally and officially expanded our operations to the United States. We expanded our luxury line and quickly became a favorite among home and business owners in South Florida as we catered to their highly sophisticated taste for creating luxury custom European kitchens.

    We also expanded into Thuringia, Germany and established our warehousing and logistics arm to handle the growing needs of our customers around the world by allowing us to improve efficiency in our production and delivery – translating into faster concept to creation and better communication within our network, with our customers and valued partners,  furthering our mission of providing a seamless, robust, and what one of the clients described as “like-a-dream-come-true” experience.

  • 2014 - we built a showroom and patented our famous bookshelf

    For us, the most exciting about 2014 was that we patented the design for our Japanese Origami inspired bookshelf (click here to see it). And, for our clients who kept telling us they wanted to come visit us and be inspired by exceptional European furniture design, we built a showroom {link to showroom page} where we have 3 kitchens in modern European, and traditional design-styles – all complete with appliances from Gaggenau, Wolf and Miele (who are collaborating with us on this exciting venture!).

    We welcome you as a guest in our showroom, where you and your family are invited to touch and feel everything and join all the exciting and fun activities we have going on like the cooking lessons, discussions and educational events about the range of materials to choose from for your project.

  • TODAY - delivering results beyond our clients’ imagination

    Schwarzmann specializes in creating custom European Kitchen & Bath Design – with a passion for completing the whole space by conjuring up one- of-a-kind stand-alone or built-in furniture piece to complement the design, – all the while, delivering results beyond our clients’ imagination – and although there is not one specific style we prefer, the craftmanship and precision are at the undercurrent of everything we do.

We invite you to visit out our portfolio on Houzz to explore our finished and installed Schwarzmann Kitchens and custom-made furniture.