• Philosophy

It won’t take long for you to pick up on the fact that providing an experience unequaled in the industry is our motivation and a driving factor in our work.

Our philosophy is to bring your personal vision to reality with our expertise, and create highly functional and aesthetically-pleasing living spaces and handmade signature furniture pieces that are custom-built and made in Europe from the best quality, eco-friendly materials to fit your lifestyle and personality like a “driving glove,” – so you can feel right at home and as it should be, like the King or Queen in your castle.

Because we believe in collaboration and not competition, you will notice things that set us apart – for instance – we are happy to use your CAD drawings or to produce them for you as a part of our service. Another part of our philosophy is, that we also like to communicate a lot, because we think it’s important to keep you up to date along the way as we are bringing your vision to life. Maybe it’s our German heritage, but we sure do love precision in the execution of your project, and we obsess over the details – because we know that when we get all of the minutia right, the puzzle pieces fuse to create the whole you’re envisioning.

Everything about what we do reflects our prime directive, – and that is to satisfy your desire to create a practical yet livable space to serve as the backdrop of your life, to make it easier to just “live” your life.

We are here to help and happy to do it.

Our Products

We believe that customized sophistication starts with functional design coupled with excellent craftsmanship. We seek out superior and striking materials across the globe to create unique, practical, and beautiful interior architecture for your world.

We are committed to continual innovation and developing better and more efficient, aesthetically-pleasing living spaces – your imagination and ours are the only limitation!

Our Commitment

Our most important commitment is to you, our valued customer – we promise to deliver not only ecofriendly pieces that are timeless and durable, but also a remodeling experience equal to none. We stay laser focused on every aspect of each of our custom and unique creations – from concept to creation to shipment to installation, we call it White Glove Service, for your ultimate satisfaction – because after all, the client is king or queen in our book.

Our German Work Ethics

We come from a long line of German kitchen designers who instilled in us a love for precision and attention to detail. We are passionate about craftsmanship and dedicated to creating the most innovative, functional, and beautiful pieces.

You can count on us to be done on time and for your project to be done right, – the first time.

We conduct ourselves with integrity and are loyal to our team, customers, and partners and operate with respect to create an environment of trust and collaboration.

Our Passion

We are passionate about continuing to evolve and push the edges of creative design and layout so that your living space is the most practical and livable space possible.

We are committed to staying at the leading edge and continuing to set trends in the industry, and we do it by “living” in our spaces and testing how they work in real life. We gather our friends and family in our home to enjoy the time together in the unique space we’ve created, but most importantly, to hear all their ideas about how to improve our living areas and theirs – so we can continue to tweak and improve our concepts and satiate our pursuit of simple yet elegant design.

Our Responsibility

We keep the “big picture” in mind – from concept to creation, we have removed any barriers and simplified it so you can make eco-friendly and hygiene-friendly decisions to help ensure long-term benefits for you and the environment – rest easy knowing that all of our products are mold-resistant, made with water-resistant materials, and are constructed using recycled materials.