Picture of German christmas figurines called Bergmann and Engel

A German Christmas Tradition: Besinnlichkeit

A German Christmas tradition: The Light Angel and the Mine Worker (we call him “Schwarzmann”) are the symbolic figures of the Ore Mountains in Germany. Both of them are the preachers of the Christian message, and resemblance ofthe native Craftsman of each Village. Out of desire for light in the dark winter times, the lit […]

The Woodbook

Author: Klaus Ulrich Leistikow Title: The Woodbook Hardcover, 6.6 x 9.6 in., 768 pages Our bookshelf is already filled with lots of books about various topics. From A to Z, from The Art of French Cooking by Julia Giles to Vintage Wohnen – Zuhause* stilvoll gestalten [*German for habitat] by Sarah Moore und Katharina Eichler. […]