Exotic. Superior. Durable. Long-lasting. Eco-friendly.

We will help you choose from a variety of excellent, high-grade materials, so that your kitchen or signature furniture piece withstands the repeated use. You will find a wide-variety of mold-resistant and water-resistant materials to create statement pieces that are built to last and stand up to the test of time – each one unique and customized for your space, and handmade with love.

Our European custom cabinets and hand-made furniture is durable against daily use and wear and tear – and best of all, the custom furniture is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. Depending on your project and your preferences, we will suggest a variety of components like solid woods, multi-layered lacquer (matte or high-gloss finishes are available), custom-made glass, ceramic, stainless steel, or even concrete in order to complement your space and stay within your budget.

Blum Hinge


Hinge. Slide. Conceal or Show-off.

We have scoured high and low and found the best experts in producing European Küche [kitchen] cabinet hardware of high-quality, exceptional construction that are built to last because they withstand day-to-day use (and unintentional abuse!). We choose Blum, Grass, and Kaesseboehmer, because when it comes to selection of styles and exquisite finishes that are sturdy and durable kitchen hardware, they are truly in a class of their own and their products do exactly what they should: be pulled and pushed, but never ‘steal the show.’


Organize. Integrate. Display.

As it is in fashion that accessories complete an outfit, the same is true in European kitchen design, – accessories finish and complete a kitchen. We offer a variety of materials like stainless steel, glass, and ceramic for your custom European kitchen accessories. We can add everything from pantry pull-out systems to custom-made cutlery inserts from Latvia and Germany so that you can organize all your kitchen utensils and gadgets to your heart’s content – and best of all, find it and access it easily when you need to use it – and out of the way when you don’t. Because technology is so important to us, another standard offering of a Schwarzmann custom kitchen is to integrate mobile charging systems so you can keep all your electronics neat and tidy.


Set the mood. Get colorful. Be energy efficient.

Energy-efficient sustainable LED lighting is flush-installed in all our handmade European kitchen cabinets – making the integrated lighting a tool to use to ‘set the stage’ for the wonderful meal ahead or for the type of activity taking place within the space being lit. You can control the color temperature and beam spread of your lighting with RGB color control systems so you have a lot of light when you’re preparing or cooking a meal – shining down just where you need it; or so you can switch to “party” colors for entertaining; or just turn down the brightness when you’re ready for some low-light and relaxation.