Simple is the new sexy.

The yardstick for the contemporary European kitchen design is how well it is layed out to help control the chaos and stress of our hectic and often chaotic life in this technology filled world we live in.

Simplicity in design maximizes the functionality of the space, giving you valuable time back – because everything is in its place, and there is a place for everything. With low- maintenance flooring choices and the durability of metal appliances coupled with sleek and beautiful materials to choose from, modern
kitchens are a great choice for creating a hub for all the activity and traffic flow while creating a simple, elegant (yes, that is sexy) space.

And, by the way, just because it’s a contemporary kitchen, that doesn’t mean it can’t have softer lines or use wood or color – or even patterns, it’s not just about nononsense
access and being sleek and stark, it’s much more than that.

Modern-style features at a glance:

Simplicity in design

Sharp, straight lines with optional angles

Flush installed from appliances to doors

Focus on form follows function (the Bauhaus principle)

A modern European kitchen design is not what you are looking for?

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