• Traditional European Kitchen cabinets with high-tech interior

Tradtional Kitchens

It’s all about the details to create imperfect perfectness.

How about mixing a beautiful natural stained-wood island surrounded by antique white custom kitchen cabinetry, then adding a dash of antique brass hinges, then layering in a dab of stunning architectural details, and a sprinkle of applied molding between cabinets.

All of these elements come together to create a traditional kitchen design and much like your Grandmother’s secret recipe for those absolutely yummy chocolate chip cookies, the recipe for creating traditional kitchens has a lot of extra ingredients that aren’t included in the recipe – that’s because it’s all about creating your perfect space, with all the elements you love, because in traditional kitchen design, more is more.

Get some inspiration for all the many ways that you can make your traditional kitchen of your dreams.

Traditional-style features at a glance:

Dark-stained woods

Heavy patterns and massive elements like columns, arches or very big islands

Antique looking hardware, mostly in gold or bronze

Focus on giving cabinets an orld world, antique look and feel

A traditional kitchen design is not what you are looking for?

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