It’s all about blending.

So by now you’ve come to realize that transitional kitchen design simply refers to the mixture of modern kitchen design and traditional kitchen design – and that this trend naturally evolved as people felt traditional kitchens too overwhelming with all the details and the modern kitchens too stark and industrial, enter the blend.

Transitional kitchen design styles typically mix woods and metals to create a beautiful and striking contrast between textures and hues, old and new, past and present – creating a true expression of how you live. Explore our stunning custom kitchens for inspiration for your transitional kitchen remodel project.

Transitional-style features at a glance:

Less ornate lines

A classic and elegant style

Combination of old world materials like wood and modern elements like glass or chrome

Focus on comfort and practicality

Also known as “updated classic”, “classic with a contemporary twist” and “new takes on old classics”

A transitional kitchen design is not what you are looking for?

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