• Bathrooms

    Your bathroom, your oasis, your sanctuary.

Modern European Bathroom Vanities Edition400


We all know what happens in this particular room of the house, but argue that a bathroom should be both a functional part of your living space and a soothing and private oasis.

We design and create functional yet beautiful custom bathrooms that are truly Einmalig – a soothing place where you can take refuge inside your Zuhause and away from the chaos and demands of the world outside. Our spa bathrooms are created using Von Hand gemachte European bathroom cabinets that are made to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences for texture and color palette – whether you want modern bathroom furniture, a transitional style bathroom, or a traditional bathroom design.

We can even make it to match your Schwarzmann kitchen!

Sophistication starts with simplicity.
We will create an oasis within your home where you can retreat and find sanctuary.

Form follows function.

All of our one-of-a-kind bathroom ideas have two things in common and at the foundation – they must be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. By keeping the design simple and clean, a Schwarzmann bathroom outshines the rest and stands the test of time to provide you and your family with a practical and livable space.