Custom-made European-style individual furniture to fit your lifestyle.

If you can dream it, we will make it your reality.

Beyond just custom European kitchens, Schwarzmann specializes in creating custom made signature furniture for your entire house – everything from a handmade one-of-a-kind wine shelf, to beautiful dining room furniture, built-in wall units, practical and beautiful custom home entertainment furniture, or even a designer bookshelf, or whatever you have in mind.

We are focused on every component, every angle, every nook, every curve, every line – on every little detail so the result is a beautifully elegant, yet clean design that is functional, innovative, unique, and customized just for your needs and desires.

Let your imagination run wild, we are up to the task of bringing your custom furniture idea to life. Design your own, take an idea and make it yours, or let us design it for you!

Let us know what you have in mind for your very own and unique piece of furniture.
We can’t wait getting creative!

Custom wall unit in red lacquer with integrated ventilation for hifi devices.


Custom made furniture for your home-theater – it is handmade to accommodate any spatial requirements, fully customized so that all your audio visual equipment fits right in, and of course, created using only the highest quality eco-friendly woods or metals to best match your existing decor. All Schwarzmann pieces are built with precision to ensure noise and vibration reduction, as well as fitted with active ventilation so you never have to worry about over-heating.

You’ll notice the difference our attention to detail and craftsmanship makes.

Custom coffee table. Materials: White washed oak and powder-coated black steel.


So you have the perfect couch, what about the perfect coffee table?

They are hard to find so we suggest you have it made instead – custom made furniture fits right in because it doesn’t have to follow a certain pattern or be made to standardized dimensions. Whether you want a wooden framed coffee table or a steel-framed one with beveled edge glass top or a flat polished edge, or a pencil polished edge instead of a seamed edge top, we can create the look you want – the design will follow our basic rule: form follows function. So, you can guarantee that your custom coffee table will be unique, consummately functional, and everything you want it to be to complement your existing living space.

Custom Bookshelf inspired by Japanese origami techniques.


Have you ever wanted to make a book fit on a shelf of a bookshelf and thought you might have to cut the book down to fit in?

And then you wondered if the bookshelf makers forgot that you have an extensive collection of uniquely sized books – definitely not standard sizes like all the shelves seem to be when you try and use a store-bought or pre-fabricated bookshelf. Well, search no more – the solution you’ve been waiting for is here and it’s more awe-inspiring than you’d ever think for something as mundane as a bookshelf.


designed by Johannes Schmucker

Have you ever stopped to watch an Orca whale? Michael Schluetter and his friend Johannes Schmucker, a famous German furniture designer, did – and they were inspired to create the Orca wine shelf to mimic the dynamic undulations of this majestic animal – and, yes, it was because they wanted a place to put all their family’s treasures (bottles of wine) in their home.

Where do you display your wine? May we suggest a beautiful and unique Orca wine shelf?