Wallunit “WU101”

Elegant housing for your precious hardware.

  • Multi-layered high-gloss lacquer in charcoal grey
  • Indian apple veneer, horizontal
  • 4 x drawers
  • 1 x glass shelf
  • Removable backpanel with cable feed-through
  • Wall-mounted or free standing

Noise and vibration reduction, and integrated active ventilation:

Worry no more about over-heating your precious hifi equipment.

Wallunit “WU201”

Pure beauty behind a storage miracle.

  • Structured laminate
  • Light oak or dark oak
  • Front-pullouts with almuninum frame
  • Ready for VESA TV-mount
  • 5 x drawers
  • 1 x glass shelf
  • 1 x open shelf with cable feed-through
  • 3 x back panels
  • 1 x center panel with cable feed-through

Angles are our speciality:

Unique pieces of entertainment furniture to add a WOW-factor to your home.

Wallunit “WU301”

Shiniy minimalistic design and seamless details.

  • Multi-layered high-gloss lacquer in ruby red
  • Height-adjustable frame, stainless steel
  • Recessed stainless steel profile
  • 2 x drawers
  • 2 x flap-down doors with stainless steel rope stopers
  • 2 x horizontal ventilation slots
  • Removable back-panel with magnets
  • 2 x thermal control systems (100CFM)
  • Cable feed-through

Are you interested? Let us know and we will find the perfect design, cooling technology and material combination to re-invent your home theater experience.