Light Up Your Kitchen with These Lighting Ideas

When you think about modern kitchens, what comes to mind? An open, bright and high-tech cooking space? Now, think about the very stately and quite beautiful royal palaces that are still widely present in all of their statuesque beauty across Europe. Both these visions have one thing in common, and that is the beautiful lighting that improves the look and appearance of everything that the room holds within it.

Modern home décor ideas and light fixtures now allow you to bring a touch of royalty to your homes, even in the kitchen!

Europe’s Influence on the Modern Kitchen

The European style of lighting has been considered as a hallmark of sorts since forever, leaving others to follow its footsteps as they try to incorporate some features into their own designs. Europe taught the world to use fine crystal, alabaster marble and shining brass finishes in lighting fixtures that could bring intricate details into any home, along with a sophisticated style.

European lighting style adds a whole new and elegant flourish to interior design combined with the basics of the traditional style that will be sure to catch your eye, just like a crystal chandelier. So, bring in European luxury to your home with a single, huge ornamental lighting fixture as the showstopper, or hang a pair of mini chandeliers from the ceiling that resemble their larger counterparts in everything but size.

If you require a more compact look however, with elegance intact; consider putting up ornately designed ceiling lights throughout the room. Whether semi-flush mounts or a flush, this addition will add a sparkle to your kitchen! Some equally good options to experiment with are pendants and wall sconces which can add elegance and light to any space, highlighting your color schemes and enhancing their appeal to the maximum.

The Kitchen is the King of Your House

Seeing as the above is very much true, you should design your kitchen in a way that will be sure to catch the eye of every guest and make you want to spend time there as well.

So, if you are working on a complete kitchen makeover but can’t quite figure out how to light it up in the best manner, or if you want to replace and update the kitchen’s lighting fixtures installed in a new home so that it looks more modern, you have come to the right place.

Variety is Key

Variety is Key

You might be wondering what the secret for good lighting in the kitchen is, but there’s not just one secret but many! Actually, different kinds of lighting are usually involved in making a kitchen one of the most cheerful places in the whole house.

Task lights, accent lights and ambient lights come into this category and are effective in bringing elegance and sophistication to any kitchen if paired together, in just the right way. Not only will these bring illumination into your kitchen, but they can also be set and adjusted to suit the mood of the cook! Don’t ever install just one overhead light; instead, install a variety of lights. An overhead ceiling light is acceptable and will provide the right ambient anytime, whereas accent lighting can be used to highlight certain features of the kitchen; such as a wall display of your china collection.

Aim Big or Go Home

One surefire way to bring attention to your kitchen; followed by compliments on your impeccable style; is to install a huge and impressive light, or a group of them, atop the kitchen island. This will not only become a style statement, but look elegant and modern as well.

Brighter Is Better

Consider installing smaller task lights throughout the kitchen that will throw even more light at focused points. Adjustable lamps, pendant lights, and under-cabinet lights are normally used in areas, where more light is needed. Adjustable lamps are an ideal fixture, as you can direct the light anywhere in the kitchen when you need it.

Brighter Is Better

Make it Look Colorful

To make your kitchen seem lively, why not add a splash of color? It will do wonders! Pendent styled fixtures are the most appropriate for this and are widely available in different colors and styles, designed to match any kitchen. Alternatively, if, for example, the kitchen is set in a more neutral color tone, you can install a colorful light fixture to make the room pop!

Make it Look Colorful

Author: Ingo Schaer, Interior Deluxe

Ingo Schaer | Interior Deluxe